Stealth Folder Hider

Stealth Folder Hider 9.6

Software to hide files and folders

The Stealth Folder Hider software program is designed to safely keep your personal computer files from others. The program has a file hider, a utility to clear tracks and file eradicator.

With the Stealth Folder Hider, your folders and your files won't be deleted, views or even modified by other users. The program is designed also to operate in stealth mode.

You will need a special hotkey so that you can access the information you will need. The folder in stealth mode won't be visible at the start toolbar, taskbar, add/remove programs or even if you intentionally or accidentally press CTL ALT Del.

The Stealth Folder Hider will require a password in order you to get the files. The program doesn't limit users as to the number of files they wish to hide.

The program has special features as well. The Stealth Folder Hider takes note of any attempts made to access your folder. It monitors and records login attempts.